Conn-Selmer Inc. is facing fines for exposing workers to copper dust and machine hazards at the company’s Eastlake, Ohio, musical instrument manufacturing facility, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The company faces penalties of $200,230 for two repeated and seven serious safety and health violations.

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Conn-Selmer is a manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments. Conn-Selmer operates U.S. production facilities in Elkhart, Indiana, Eastlake, Ohio and Monroe, North Carolina. Conn-Selmer, Inc. is a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc..

Inspectors found the company exposed workers to copper dust in excess of the recommended permissible exposure levels; failed to provide machine guarding, adequate controls to minimize exposure, and safety procedures to prevent employees from coming into contact with operating parts; and neglected to follow requirements for respiratory protection, electrical safety, and labeling hazardous chemicals.

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In one of the repeat violations, labels on chemicals in the polishing area in the buffing room of the facility were not supplemented with pictograms, pictures, or symbols to clearly communicate specific information regarding the physical and health hazards of the chemicals to employees.

In another repeat violation, one or more methods of machine guarding was not provided to protect the operator and other employees in the machine area from hazards.

The following machinery was not adequately guarded for ingoing nip points, rotating parts and point of operations:
1. Polishing machines. There were unguarded ingoing nip points between the polishing/sanding belts and the bottom rollers and the openings between the outside of the bottom rollers and the front of the barrier guarding at the base.
2. There were two smaller polishing/sanding machines at the southwest corner of the polishing area. The bottom and center rollers had ingoing nip points that were not guarded.
3. There was an emery paper polishing/sanding machine. The dual horizontal shafts had 4 inches of rotating machined tread that was not guarded.
4. Polishing machine. There was an ingoing nip point between the polishing/sanding belt and the rotating cotton buffing wheel that was not guarded. Additionally, the guarding over the exposed running sanding belt was damaged and duct taped together.
5. There were two Clausing milling machines where the point of operation guarding and splash guard were opened while installing and removing a machined part being clamped with the tooling rotating.
6. The automatic buffing machine in the Harper room was missing three barrier guards on the west side of the machinery.
7. The Nema Premium horizontal shaft buffing machine had a rotating chuck that was not guarded
8. There were buffing machines that had metal rotating arbor end plates with machined ventilation holes that were not guarded.

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