Supplyside USA is facing $91,832 in fines for machine safety violations after an employee was injured while conducting maintenance on equipment, said officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Supplyside USA, which operates as Prime Woodcraft Inc., is a New Lenox, IL-based pallet manufacturer.

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The company faces fines for two repeated, six serious, and three other-than-serious violations.

OSHA investigators found Supplyside USA failed to install adequate machine guards, implement energy control procedures to prevent equipment from unintentional operation, and train workers about noise hazards, and allowed combustible dust to accumulate on surfaces.

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“Too often, employees are injured because companies lack adequate machine safety procedures and safeguards,” said OSHA Chicago South Area Office Director Kathy Webb. “Employers have a responsibility to evaluate their workplaces for hazards, and ensure safe operations.”

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