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RSA certified PAS Global’s PAS Cyber Integrity as interoperable with RSA NetWitness Suite.

Industrial process companies that have RSA NetWitness can now access security intelligence for both corporate and process control networks (PCNs) via a single application. 

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“Through this interoperability, customers of RSA NetWitness can see ICS security inventory and event data that has traditionally been unavailable to security professionals,” said Andrew Homer, director of technology alliances at RSA. “Security data from an industrial facility is difficult to collect as the majority of cyber assets in a PCN have proprietary, highly complex architectures. PAS Cyber Integrity continuously maintains an evergreen ICS inventory and now integrates that detailed configuration data into RSA NetWitness’s security information and event management (SIEM) technology for a 360-degree view of industrial security.” 

Cyber Integrity works across a multi-vendor automation environment, providing ICS cybersecurity, enterprise scalability, performance, and platform independence. It automates internal and regulatory compliance reporting. It also allows industrial companies to: 
• Gather and maintain a complete, accurate inventory of traditional IT and proprietary OT cyber assets
• Baseline and monitor unauthorized change to cyber asset configurations
• Automate a closed loop vulnerability and patch process throughout the enterprise
• Implement a program for system backup and recovery

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Cyber Integrity is built upon the PAS Integrity platform.

“Chief Information Security Officers have spent significant time and dollars standing up SIEM technologies to increase visibility and reduce risk,” said Mark Carrigan, senior vice president and chief operating officer at PAS Global. Integrating data from systems that are the lifeblood of industrial process companies only makes those investments more valuable.”

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