Phillips 66 restarted its refinery early this week after shutting down some units and decreasing production on others Saturday after a power outage at its Sweeny refinery in Old Ocean, TX.

The power outage started at 9 a.m. local time and ended up triggered by a larger outage in Texas and New Mexico, Phillips 66 said in its filing with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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Phillips 66’s 247,000-barrel-a-day Sweeny refinery is in the process of starting units after a power failure caused a temporary shutdown of the plant on May 11, said Rich Johnson earlier this week, a company spokesman. Restart is expected to “take several days,” he said.

Units affected included the 25.2 crude distillation unit — one of the first steps in the oil refining process — and the 27.1 fluid catalytic cracking unit, a key gasoline production unit, according to the filing.

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A Phillips 66 spokesman wasn’t immediately available. The Sweeny refinery processes up to 247,000 barrels of crude oil a day, including large volumes of heavy, sour crude.

Phillips 66’s Sweeny refinery distributes refined products throughout the central and southeastern U.S. by pipelines, barge and rail car, according to the company website.

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