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ProSoft Technology created a firmware patch that mitigates the weak pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) seed in its RadioLinx ControlScape application software, according to a report on ICS-CERT.

The following ProSoft Technology RadioLinx ControlScape versions suffer from the remotely exploitable vulnerability: RadioLinx ControlScape, versions prior to version FH v6.00.040.

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Researchers Lucas Apa and Carlos Mario Penagos Hollman of IOActive identified a vulnerability within the implementation of the PRNG that generates the passphrase. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to forecast automatically generated passwords, thus aiding in brute-force attacks.

Bakersfield, CA-based ProSoft Technology has offices located worldwide in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

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The affected product, ProSoft Technology RadioLinx ControlScape, sees use for radio frequency communication with field-based automation controllers — primarily Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric. The device provides connectivity between dissimilar systems over the Ethernet.

RadioLinx ControlScape software deploys worldwide across several sectors including oil and gas, water and wastewater, and electric utilities, according to ProSoft Technology.

This product uses standard C Run-Time libraries srand and rand calls to seed and generate passphrases. By using the same seed, an attacker could predict default values built into the software, leaving the system vulnerable to expedited brute-force passphrase/password attacks. Custom passphrases are less vulnerable to this type of attack.

CVE-2013-2803 is the number assigned to this vulnerability, which has a CVSS v2 base score of 9.3.

No known public exploits specifically target this vulnerability and an attacker with a moderate skill would be able to exploit this vulnerability.

ProSoft Technology has released a new firmware patch, v6.00.040, which is available from the ProSoft Technology download page.

Click on the ProSoft Software tab, then click on the ControlScape tab, and then click on the ControlScape FH v6.00.040 link to download the new firmware patch.

ProSoft has the following additional recommendation: Changing the default ‘seed’ passphrase will greatly increase the entropy of passphrase generation process.

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