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Rockwell Automation expanded its motion control business by completing the acquisition of MagneMotion, a manufacturer of high-performance conveyor systems with servo-controlled independent cart technology.

The addition of this new offering will integrate into existing Rockwell control, safety and sensing solutions to help manufacturers safely, quickly and easily transport products and heavy loads between machines and throughout a plant.

Developed by Ph.D.-level researchers from MIT, the MagneMotion systems are for applications of almost any length, speed and thrust requirements, with no cables limiting the motion of the vehicle or moving frame. With linear synchronous motor technology, the systems help manufacturers achieve higher throughput and greater flexibility to run a variety of products through and between machines.

This is the second major investment made by Rockwell to build its motion control business; in 2014, the company acquired Jacobs Automation and its iTRAK system. “This … technology complements our current offering and is particularly useful for customers in automotive manufacturing and general assembly, packaging, and medical device manufacturing, where there is a significant need for careful and precise movement of many different products and parts,” said Marco Wishart, vice president and general manager, motion control business, Rockwell Automation.

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