Russian Man Extradited to U.S.Czech Republic officials extradited a Russian man to the United States where he is wanted for cyberattacks on social networks.

Yevgeni Nikulin, who is also sought by his native Russsia on fraud charges, had been in a Prague prison since his arrest in the Czech capital in 2016 in a joint operation with the FBI.

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The Czech justice ministry “confirms the extradition of Russian citizen Y. Nikulin to the United States,” said ministry spokeswoman Tereza Schejbalova.

The extradition “took place overnight,” she added. 

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A U.S. government plane left Prague soon after midnight Thursday and landed nine hours later near Washington.

Following Nikulin’s arrest, Moscow accused Washington of harassing its citizens and vowed to fight Nikulin’s extradition. 

It then issued a separate arrest warrant for him over theft from the WebMoney settlement system. 

The U.S. has charged Nikulin with hacking into social networks LinkedIn and Formspring and into the file hosting service Dropbox, Nikulin’s lawyer Martin Sadilek said.

He also said Nikulin said FBI investigators had tried twice to persuade him to confess to cyberattacks on the U.S. Democratic Party. 

Last year, a Prague court ruled that Nikulin could be extradited to either Russia or the United States, with the final say left to the Czech justice minister.

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