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By Gregory Hale
Schneider Electric signed a global partnership agreement with network monitoring provider, Nozomi Networks.

Schneider will collaborate with Nozomi to provide users in the industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure segments advanced anomaly detection, vulnerability assessment and other cybersecurity solutions and services, helping them to control, prevent and mitigate risks to their operations and business performance.

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The pact allows Schneider to respond more aggressively to immediate demand for effective, operational technology cybersecurity services, solutions and expertise in oil and gas, power, building automation and other industrial sectors.

“This agreement helps mitigate the challenges by the threat vector moving forward,” said Gary Williams, senior director cybersecurity service offer leader at Schneider Electric at the S4x19 conference in Miami. “We have a trusted partner that can mitigate risks moving forward that can give you an early indication of something that is happening.”

Cyber Security

Schneider will offer Nozomi Networks’ advanced solutions for industrial control system cyber resiliency and real-time operational visibility to customers worldwide.

“Nozomi is now part of the Schneider EcoStructure,” Williams said.

EcoStruxure is Schneider’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics and cybersecurity.

Schneider will combine its EcoStruxure IIoT solutions with Nozomi’s SCADAguardian platform for increased visibility, including:
• Advanced ICS Cybersecurity Solutions: The bundled solution will deliver network visibility and OT cybersecurity industry operators require in one, comprehensive and highly scalable solution. Nozomi Networks SCADAguardian solution provides accurate asset discovery, superior threat detection and flexible and scalable deployment options.
• Nozomi Networks Certified Consultants: Schneider consultants around the world will train as certified Nozomi Networks engineers, scaling to support clients throughout their cybersecurity solution implementation, and providing OT threat hunting and forensic analysis.
• SCADAguardian Live in Schneider Sites: Schneider customers can experience Nozomi’s real-time operational visibility and cybersecurity solutions via live threat scenarios running in Schneider sites around the world.

On top of the network monitoring capabilities, Nozomi is also providing its threat intelligence services, said Chet Namboodri, vice president of Alliances & Business Development at Nozomi Networks at the S4 conference.

“I hear about (users) fear of cyber compromise because of rapidly increasing cyber threats,” Namboodri said. “At the same time, they’re working to digitally transform their businesses, which unfortunately makes their industrial systems more vulnerable.”

Nozomi offers passive monitoring, but also provides active monitoring capabilities, which more users as starting to ask for.

Its SCADAguardian Advanced (SGA) leverages Nozomi’s passive-only discovery and analysis, and incorporates active capabilities, giving operators the option to discover and monitor a specific and more complete set of ICS data.

“We have had the capability to offer active monitoring for about five years, but the industry is now asking for it,” Namboodri said.

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