Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Virginia, LLC, in Salem, VA, is facing $42,000 in fines for safety violations that led to a worker being severely injured, said officials at the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH).

Inspectors determined the company failed to provide adequate machine guarding and ensure proper safety precautions were followed.

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The company was previously cited for the same violation in 2016.

VOSH issued one serious and one repeat-serious citation following this latest inspection, and issued $42,000 in penalties.

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On May 27, at 7:30 p.m., an employee was operating tire machine number 01 in Division 200C when the bladder of the tailstock closed, catching the employee’s hand between the bladder and the drum, resulting in complete amputation of the little finger and partial amputation of the ring, middle, and index fingers on the left hand, VOSH said.

The employer did not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and limitations applicable to the operation, training, use, installation, inspection, testing, repair and maintenance of all machinery, vehicles, tools, materials and equipment, according to VOSH.

“Faulty Equipment Detail: The tailstock closing is protected by the light curtain. Some tire building machines take longer than others to close. This poses a risk to the operator on some machines that take too long to close,” said the employer’s incident report.

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