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A nuclear power plant in South Carolina was forced to shut down operations indefinitely to repair a “small” coolant leak in its reactor.

The VC Summer nuclear plant operator said the incident was so minor there was no need to inform the public.

The coolant leak at the nuclear plant in Jenkinsville, SC, ended up discovered several weeks ago and last week engineers were forced to shut its sole reactor down. The company in charge of the plant, Dominion Energy, said no nuclear material escaped the facility.

Plant operators “have been monitoring a very small leak in the reactor coolant system,” Dominion Energy said in a statement. “This small leak is captured within the site’s containment building and is not going to the environment.”

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Company spokesman, Ken Holt, reinforced the idea the malfunction was “small” and posed “no danger to the public,” and said while there was no need to halt activity at the plant, “operators made the conservative decision to shut down the reactor to address the leak” anyway.

The full extent of the incident remains unclear, but the company suggested a faulty valve may be the culprit. Dominion declined to say when the plant would be back online, arguing the date it returns to service is “market sensitive information.”

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