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In this environment where cybersecurity awareness is through the roof, but confusion sometimes reins when starting to implement a plan or program, Schneider Electric created a website that can help address those issues and more.

Schneider Electric’s new Cybersecurity Virtual Academy is a website that provides educational cybersecurity content and is a platform for ongoing interaction through live webinars, chats with experts, downloaded material, videos, and ongoing Q & A.

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Modeled on a university campus theme, the portal is a source of information for our audience to:
• Better understand the cybersecurity risks to their organization
• Find out what steps they can take to help mitigate that risk
• Learn from and interact with others to share ideas.

The first webinar to be hosted through the Cybersecurity Virtual Academy occurred April 5 – “Cybersecurity – the time is NOW!” featuring a panel discussion between Eric Cosman of ARC Advisory Group, ISA and formerly Dow Chemicals, Gregory Hale, Editor/Founder of ISSSource, and Joshua Carlson from Schneider.

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Those interested in viewing the on demand version of the webcast can click here to register.

Click here to register for the Virtual Academy.

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