Pacific Coast Seafood in Warrenton,OR, is facing $45,064 in fines for exposing workers to fall and electrical contact hazards, said officials at the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Oregon OSHA).

Inspectors determined the company failed to: Put a cover plate on a live 110-volt switch; guard rotating fan blades and other moving mechanical parts; lock out machines during servicing; and exposed workers to fall hazards.

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Inspectors found eight serious violations and three other than serious violations.

In one of the violations, in the Ground Floor of the Ice House, the cover plate for the ice rake switch was missing, exposing employees to live parts of 110 volts.

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In another violation, the ice house stairway measuring 28″ wide with 11 risers was not equipped with railings that went the entire length of the stairway, exposing employees to serious injuries from falls of 7ft 6-3/4.”

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