Dominion Energy Kewaunee Inc., the operating unit for Dominion Resources-owned Kewaunee Power Station, will pay a $17,500 civil penalty for a security-related violation at the mothballed nuclear plant.

Dominion said it made changes to the security plan after shutting down the plant in May 2013 and did not seek Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) concurrence.

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“The company admits that it misunderstood how to implement the security plan change requirements that apply to permanently shut down reactors,” Dominion officials said in a statement.

Plant and public safety was not in danger, Dominion said, and Kewaunee Power Station in Kewaunee, WI, is now in compliance with NRC regulations. The NRC said its inspectors left the site after the plant met the regulations.

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The former one-reactor, 568-megawatt plant is on Lake Michigan nine miles south of Kewaunee and 33 miles southeast of Green Bay. It is five miles north of Point Beach Nuclear Plant, owned by NextEra Energy of Juno Beach, FL. Point Beach has two reactors and remains in operation.

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