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In this day and age of security enlightenment, security remains viewed as an obstacle to digital transformation and therefore brought late into business planning, though designers are aware of its need, a new study showed.

Respondents recognized security teams can serve as enablers in helping the business adopt digital technologies when included early in the planning process.

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Eighty-five percent of respondents felt that to have a meaningful impact, security should be included early in a digital transformation initiative, according to the Digital Transformation Security Survey by Dell, which surveyed 631 IT personnel worldwide.

Around 97 percent said they were investing in digital technologies but only 18 percent acknowledged they had security in all their initiatives, leaving 79 percent of respondents not including security. More than 90 percent believed if given additional resources, the security teams can provide better results.

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The survey results also showed while 89 percent acknowledged digital transformation is happening globally, only half believed it was also happening in their organization. Just 27 percent said their company was actually in the midst of such a process.

Around 85 percent felt businesses did not involve security into their digital initiatives because the business believed it could prove a stumbling block; although 63 percent of respondents do say this fear is baseless.

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