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Dan Kiblawi, (left) Egelhof chief executive and Greg Collins, (center) BWC Consultation Program manager, OSHA On-Site Consultation and Gary Livecchi, Egelhof quality manager hold the SHARP flag.

Toledo, OH-based automotive parts supplier Egelhof Controls Corporation cultivated a culture of safety based on the belief employee well-being is the cornerstone of superb quality, excellent productivity, and sustained profitability.

That is why they knew if they worked with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) On-Site Consultation Program, they could achieve a stronger and more solid safety program.

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As a result, they ended up being an OSHA Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) Award recipient.

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This program acknowledges small and medium-sized businesses that have used the no-cost and confidential OSHA On-Site Consultation Program services and operate exemplary workplace safety and health programs.

Egelhof realized early on a successful campaign to achieve the SHARP certification would necessitate out-of-the-box thinking, dismantling paradigms, and setting high safety standards that few thought were necessary or achievable.

“Working with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), On-Site Consultation Program made our journey possible,” said Dan Kiblawi, Egelhof chief executive who tapped the resources of these two entities and was guided through the process of developing safety protocols, documentation, training, systemic excellence, goal setting, and performance tracking. The results far exceeded expectations, and the benefits far outweighed the investment in time, money, and effort.

The OSHA On-Site Consultation Program offers no-cost and confidential occupational safety and health services to small and medium-sized businesses in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and several U.S. territories, with priority given to high-hazard worksites. On-Site Consultation services are separate from enforcement and do not result in penalties or citations. Consultants from state agencies, such as BWC, or universities work with employers to identify workplace hazards, provide advice for compliance with OSHA standards, and assist in establishing and improving safety and health programs.

Collaborating with the BWC consultants, the Egelhof safety committee, management, and employees have worked hard to put a host of safety initiatives in place.

“Becoming SHARP certified has been about setting goals, having a positive attitude, keeping an open mind, embracing change, and achieving desired results,” said Kiblawi. “Over the years, these values seeped into our culture and became part of our fabric.”

The Egelhof Safety Committee is a group of cross-discipline employees passionate about challenging the status quo and maintaining a safe workplace. The committee meets monthly to conduct a safety walk through and discuss the previous month’s matters, such as accessing the status of tasks, action items, and research efforts. This information is presented to the management group on a monthly basis, which allows the team to communicate its achievements and garner the support of the senior staff.

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