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By Gregory Hale
Siemens ProductCERT today gained accreditation from Wurldtech to perform Achilles Communication Certification testing.

Achilles Communication Certification provides a security benchmark for embedded device used in critical industrial infrastructure. The testing assesses the network robustness of industrial devices and certifies that they meet a formal and comprehensive set of requirements and conformance.

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The accreditation means Siemens can now show customers their products have undergone rigorous testing and they can get testing done early in product development to ensure security is built into the product from the beginning, said Rod Locke, system solutions architect at Wurldtech.

“They use Achilles testing through the process and it shows the final product is secure,” Locke said.

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“By incorporating the tests certified by Wurldtech, we are progressing with increased security of our soon to be Achilles certified products,” said Thomas Brandstetter, program manager ProductCERT at Siemens.

“The ability to test directly within our lab environment allows us to deliver more secure products faster to the market and assures Siemens customers that our offerings are at compliance levels with common industry benchmarking methods that will assist them in avoiding downtime due to common security issues,” he said.

End users use Siemens products in vital critical infrastructure markets such as oil and gas, utility, and the smart grid. As a key component of risk reduction strategies, this security compliance supports correct and safe facility operation while meeting new government and industry regulations such as NERC – CIP and ISA 99.

“Clearly our belief is we know end users need this and anything the industry can do to protect itself is a good thing,” said Greg Speakman, vice president of marketing at Wurldtech.

There are some companies “that already have procurement requirements that needs Achilles certification,” Speakman said. “This takes away work (from the end users) as they are assured all products meet the requirements.”

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