A special inspection will end up conducted at the Cooper nuclear power plant in Brownville, Nebraska, to review the circumstances that contributed to a problem with one of the plant’s two service water systems.

The plant is operated by the Nebraska Public Power District.

The Cooper nuclear power plant was operating at full power on Dec. 6, when the licensee was unable to establish water flow through a large pipe that discharges water used to cool some of the plant’s safety-related equipment. While that incident was occurring, a second service water system remained operable.

The licensee subsequently determined a large buildup of silt from Missouri River flooding had blocked the outlet of the pipe. Upon discovery, the licensee removed the obstruction.

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On Dec. 18, officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Region IV sent an inspector to the site to gather information in preparation for the inspection that began Monday.

Three NRC inspectors will spend a week at the site developing a chronology of the event and evaluating the licensee’s cause analysis and adequacy of corrective actions. An inspection report documenting the team’s findings will be publicly available within 45 days of the end of the inspection.

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