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A massive fire destroyed the Soundsphere factory on Research Drive in Stratford, CT, last Monday.

Firefighters from Stratford and crews from neighboring departments were called. Officials say the roof kept collapsing, which made it very difficult to the fight the flames.

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A good portion of the factory, that assembles commercial speakers, has been demolished. It is unclear when the rest of the building will come down.

One worker was inside of the building, but made it out safely. Employees said five people work in the building.

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There was some type of chemical reaction at the factory leading up to the fire, Officials said.

The Fairfield County HazMat team is also on hand since there were some hazardous materials in the building and there was air monitoring going on at the scene.

A few dozen people in neighboring buildings ended up evacuated, officials said.

Officials say they’re working to get the debris removed so they can thoroughly investigate the cause.

Those buildings were not damaged, and there’s no health hazard to the area.

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