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There is an Android ransomware out there that does a very good job at holding a computer hostage and then kicks it up a notch.

In typical ransomware fashion, the malware can lock up a mobile device, encrypt the SD card, show a FBI warning that has the user’s picture and IP address, and then requests $500 to unlock the device. But this threat goes above and beyond, said researchers at Fortinet.

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The new part to the attack is Android/Locker.CB!tr can also take and receive commands, said researchers at Fortinet in a blog post.

The malware, which will take a photo of the user by using the device’s front facing camera, will send SMS messages to and forward the device’s contacts list to the attackers, as well as steal incoming SMS messages and forward those to the attackers.

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On top of that, the malware can operate without lighting the screen or keyboard, researchers said in their post, which means the victim could be under attack and not even know it.

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