A Central California water district that serves mainly industrial users is facing a $1 million fine for failing to implement a wastewater pretreatment program, regulators said.

The Malaga, CA, County Water District failed to properly regulate industrial facilities discharging to its wastewater treatment facility, said the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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Malaga failed to analyze industrial user self-monitoring reports, didn’t sample industrial users annually and didn’t evaluate the need for a sludge control plan, among other infractions, the board said.

The small water district “put the public and workers at risk and undermined the board’s oversight role to protect water quality,” said board member Clay Rodgers.

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Malaga County Water District manager Jim Anderson said he could not comment on the fine and the board’s assertions due to ongoing litigation.

He did say the water district serves 230 residential customers and a little over 200 commercial and industrial water users.

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