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Talisman Energy USA Inc. will pay a $62,457 penalty to settle violations of hazardous chemical reporting requirements at 52 hydraulic fracturing facilities throughout Pennsylvania that include natural gas well sites and compressor stations, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said.

Companies that store specified amounts of hazardous chemicals must submit material safety data and lists of chemicals on site with state and local emergency response agencies and the local fire departments, according to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). The safety data describes health risks associated with the chemicals and safe handling instructions. The lists of chemicals sets the types and quantities of chemicals present on site.

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Compliance with these requirements is important for the health and safety of facility occupants and first responders in the event of discharge or accidental exposure to hazardous chemicals. The required information also provides valuable information to emergency planners.

The settlement reflects Talisman’s good faith cooperation with EPA, and its compliance efforts in self-disclosing and swiftly correcting the violations. As part of the settlement, the company neither admitted nor denied the violations.

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In a consent agreement with EPA, the company has agreed to pay the $62,457 penalty for failing to file required chemical information for one or more of the past three years at each of the facilities included in the settlement.

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