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Two men involved in the 2015 data breach of TalkTalk face sentencing next month after they just pleaded guilty.

Matthew Hanley, 22, of Staffordshire, UK, admitted to three offenses Wednesday, including the hack itself and obtaining and supplying files that would enable the hacking of websites to others. He also said he supplied a spreadsheet containing TalkTalk customer details to others.

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The second man, Conner Douglas Allsop, also from Staffordshire, pleaded guilty to assisting fraud and sharing a file that could help others in similar operations.

Police arrested Hanley in October 2015. Despite police seizing his computer, there wasn’t much information there to help authorities. Police then turned to his social media accounts where they discovered conversations about his involvement in the hack, including steps on how to delete any incriminating data.

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In those same social media conversations, they discovered Allsopp, whom Hanley asked to sell the data of the TalkTalk customers to make a profit.

Police arrested Allsop a year ago. He admitted to the conversations but said he didn’t manage to sell the data.

Back in December, another hacker ended up doing prison time in the TalkTalk case as Daniel Kelley, 17, thought to be the mastermind behind the operation, will serve 12 months in a youth rehabilitation center due to his age. He ended up charged with fraud, blackmail and money laundering.

Police arrested six individuals in relation to the TalkTalk hack, which means three others need their cases adjudicated.

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