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An 8-inch pipeline sprung a leak and spewed out 17,000 gallons of crude oil in Fayette County, TX.

Crews from SWS Environmental have contained the spill, which polluted a private stock pond and two overflow reservoirs. Those reservoirs are not used by the public.

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Crews said they were looking to find where the pipe broke, but they are investigating. The line serves refineries in Corpus Christie and transports crude oil.

Koch Pipeline Company said state and federal agencies are aware of the situation. It is unclear how long it will take to find and repair the leak.

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Ramona Nye with the Railroad Commission of Texas said about 400 barrels of crude oil spilled near Red Hollow Lane and Old Smithville Road in Smithville.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the spill. There were no injuries.

Smithville is about 40 miles from Austin.

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