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Vermont signed an agreement Monday where it will gain regulatory authority over certain radioactive materials in the state.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chairman Kristine L. Svinicki and Vermont Gov. Philip B. Scott signed the pact where Vermont became the 39th state to sign a similar deal with the NRC.

Under the agreement, Vermont assumes responsibility for licensing, rulemaking, inspection and enforcement activities related to the industrial, medical and academic uses of radioactive material.

The NRC is transferring 36 academic, commercial and medical licenses for radioactive material to Vermont’s jurisdiction.

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NRC retains jurisdiction over the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, which is currently decommissioning, as well as federal agencies using certain nuclear material in the state.

Before entering into the agreement, the NRC determined Vermont’s radiation control program is adequate to protect public health and safety and is compatible with the NRC’s regulations.

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