Digital Amnesia is becoming more common among people across the U.S. and Canada. Interestingly, this is seen in the ability to remember phone numbers, especially of those belonging to partners, siblings and friends.

Think about it, the reliance on devices like a GPS where before you would look at a map, understand where and how to get from point A to point B. Technology has changed all that to the point of where you just plug in the address and the technology gets you there.

In May 2015, Kaspersky conducted research on how the use of Internet and Internet-enabled devices transformed people’s everyday lives and relationships.

The research found due to increased reliance on technology, people were unable to remember simple and important information. This phenomenon is called Digital Amnesia: The experience of forgetting information that you trust a digital device to store and remember for you.

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Kaspersky repeated the research to see if the results changed. In December 2018, Opinion Matters surveyed over 2,500 consumers in the United States and Canada.

Here’s what they found:
• In 2019, 60 percent of participants can recall their significant others’ phone number, a 10 percent decrease compared to results in 2015 (70 percent)
• People are still just as likely to depend on their phones to call friends. In 2015, 51 percent said they could not recall friend’s numbers and in 2019, 49 percent said the same
• In 2019, 76 percent of respondents agreed they are very reliant on technology in their personal life
• However, only 52 percent of consumers protect their mobile device with a password and 24 percent said they use a security solution on their devices

It is evident we are becoming more dependent on technology. As a result, the rate of Digital Amnesia will continue to increase over time. Despite these facts, fewer people are taking safety precautions to protect their digital devices.

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