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A fire at the ECDC landfill near East Carbon is creating a hazardous air quality for residents.
Photo: Courtesy of Jayme Harker

Residents were warned to stay inside, and people with lung issues were advised to leave East Carbon after a fire broke out at the ECDC landfill near East Carbon, UT, last Monday.

The Mayor of East Carbon asked all residents to shelter in place due to the amount of smoke that is coming from the fire.

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According to the mayor, some railroad ties were on fire at this same landfill a few days ago. 

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Smoke from the fire reached Columbia for a short time, but there were no reports of respiratory problems, said East Carbon City Police Chief Sam Leonard.

The fire was in ECDC’s main cell. Railroad ties were burning, which caused the black smoke. “Thousands and thousands” of railroad ties are disposed of at the facility, classified as a non-hazardous waste landfill, he said.

It was the second time in less than a week the cell has caught fire at the facility. Leonard, who was on scene, said four huge “rock trucks” hauled in tons of dirt while bulldozers pushed the dirt over the fire — both last Wednesday, June 18, and again Monday afternoon. The East Carbon Fire Department also responded with two engines. Leonard said the crews were on the scene for about six hours last Wednesday, and about four hours Monday before the blaze was smothered. The cause of the fires has not been determined.

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