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Firefighters spent more than four hours at a maker of windshield-washer fluid on Wednesday after 7,000 gallons of methanol spilled as a tank was refilling.

Firefighters got the call to Splash Industries in Lowell, MA, at 11:30 a.m., but firefighters stood by as a precaution until workers from Clean Harbors showed up to clean up the spill, said Capt. Sean Farley.

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Farley said cold weather helped ensure the toxic form of alcohol did not evaporate. There were no reported injuries.

The methanol pooled in an area behind the plant that has an asphalt surface and did not get into storm drains or contaminate groundwater, Farley said.

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Farley said the Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency were both on the scene as well.

Clean Harbors handled the cleanup and firefighters cleared the scene about 5 p.m., Farley said.

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