Two people ended up in the hospital after a chlorine leak occurred at the City of Madison Waste Water Treatment Facility in Tallahassee, FL, Wednesday.

The Tallahassee Fire Department assisted with the leak in a one-ton chlorine cylinder, according to Lt. Mike Bellamy, public information officer for TFD.

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Madison Fire Rescue crews were able to stop the leak before TFD’s arrival but were unsure if the chlorine was secure and how much was still in the air.

TFD’s Hazardous Materials team entered the building and were able to determine the area was safe. At 7:30 p.m., officials determined the building was safe for people to occupy and turned it back over to Madison officials, Bellamy said.

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Bellamy said the City of Madison reported the two people were taken to the hospital before TFD arrived.

Before getting control of the leak, about 5 to 6 businesses evacuated, according to the Madison city manager. Officials also blocked off the entire road about a mile around the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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