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A swarm of moon jellyfish banded together and forced the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant in Sweden to shut down Sunday.

It seems the jellies swam into the pipes that carry cool water to the power plant’s turbines.

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Once enough of them worked their way into this confined space, the pipes ended up blocked – and that is all she wrote. When faced with a lack of cooling water because of the jellyfish blockade, plant workers switched off reactor No. 3.

Since the shutdown, workers were able to clear the plant’s pipes, and are now getting ready to get the facility back online.

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Jellyfish have hit this plant and other before.

In April last year, Diablo Canyon’s unit unit 2 had to shut down because of an influx of jellyfish-like animals in its water intake.

St. Lucie nuclear power plant in Florida ended up in a shutdown because of a large influx of jellyfish caused a decrease in circulating water to the main condenser.

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