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Mount Laurel, New Jersey-based EWP Renewable Corp., doing business as Springfield Power LLC, is facing $125,460 in fines for safety violations after an employee suffered fatal injuries after he was pulled into a conveyor at the company’s Springfield, NH, plant in November.

OSHA inspectors found the conveyor and other machinery lacked required safety guarding, and employees were not trained in lockout/tagout procedures to prevent equipment from unintentionally starting.

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OSHA also cited Springfield Power for fall hazards; electric shock and arc flash hazards; and lack of adequate emergency evacuation, fire prevention; and hazardous energy control programs.

OSHA issued 35 serious and five other than serious violations.

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“This employer’s failure to protect employees resulted in a tragedy that could have been prevented if training was provided and machinery was appropriately guarded,” said Rosemarie O. Cole, OSHA New Hampshire Area Director.

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