Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff members issued the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Exelon Generation Company’s application for an additional 20 years of operation for Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 in Delta, PA.

NRC reached a conclusion the “potential environmental impacts are not so great that preserving the option of license renewal for energy-planning decision makers would be unreasonable.” Exelon submitted the Peach Bottom subsequent license renewal application on July 10, 2018.

The subsequent license renewal process determines whether an operating reactor can extend its license for an additional 20 years (initial license renewals add 20 years to a reactor’s original 40-year license).

The Peach Bottom Unit 2 current renewed facility operating license (DPR-44) expires at midnight on August 8, 2033; the Peach Bottom Unit 3 current renewed facility operating license (DPR-56) expires at midnight on July 2, 2034.

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In its application, Exelon requested license renewal for a period of 20 years beyond the dates when the current renewed facility operating licenses expire, to August 8, 2053 for Peach Bottom Unit 2 and July 2, 2054 for Peach Bottom Unit 3.

The application, excluding proprietary details, is available on the NRC website. In addition, a copy of the final EIS will be available for public inspection at the Whiteford Branch Library, 2407 Whiteford Road in Whiteford, MD.

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