There were two more oil spills reported in North Dakota and while the amount spilled is not catastrophically huge, there has been a troubling amount of oil escaping sites of late.

In one case, the North Dakota state Health Department is monitoring a crude oil spill of 500 barrels in Williams County, at a rail transfer facility near Trenton.

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Officials said 477 barrels ended up contained and recovered. However, 20 barrels escaped a secondary containment structure and reached the ground surface just outside the structure. All of the spilled oil ended up contained within the facility and no water suffered any issues, officials said.

Workers will remove the contaminated soil and dispose of it at a licensed disposal facility.

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Hiland Partners, owners of Hiland Crude, reported the spill. The Health Department has an inspector on site to monitor the response and clean-up activities.

In another spill, Zenergy Inc., reported a 350-barrel oil leak in McKenzie County.

This spill occurred on an oil well site and ended up contained on site, according to a report to the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources Oil and Gas Division,

At the time of the report, workers had recovered 300 barrels.

The Oil and Gas Division sent a state inspector to the site. No other information was immediately available.

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