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A worker operating a gas valve ended up injured Thursday after an explosion at a Trinity Resources well site in Pittsburg County in eastern Oklahoma, officials said.

The ensuing fire spread to two other wells nearby, officials said.

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The injured worker ended up flown via helicopter to a hospital in Tulsa, and is in stable condition, said Kevin Enloe, director of emergency management for Pittsburg County.

The explosion occurred near Quinton, Oklahoma, about 146 miles (235 km) east of Oklahoma City and involved three gas wells, which workers have now shut in, Enloe said.

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There were four wells on the site where the blast occurred. The fire occurred as the worker was operating a gas valve on one of the wells, and spread to two of the other wells, Enloe said.

There had been some maintenance conducted on the site the previous day, Enloe said.

Trinity Resources did not respond to requests for comment.

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