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A chemical over pressurized and caused an explosion that had no fire but forced a HazMat team to investigate at Materion Advanced Chemicals in Milwaukee, WI, Saturday.

The Milwaukee Fire Department got the call of a possible explosion Saturday morning in the Menomonee River Valley neighborhood after witnesses heard a big boom.

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When firefighters arrived at Materion Advanced Chemicals at 13th Street and St. Paul Avenue, they didn’t find any evidence of leaking or smoke.

A sealed container with an undisclosed chemical over pressurized and caused the blast, fire officials said.

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While it sounded like an explosion, Deputy Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski said it actually wasn’t one.

“People, when they think explosion, think fireball, smoke, death and mayhem. This mimicked the explosion in that there was outward force, but there was no fire. There was no burning,” Lipski said.

Fire officials said at least 15 employees were inside the building when this happened, but none of them were injured.

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