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Security is the biggest concern in adopting cloud, mobility and Big Data, a new report said.

While 97 percent of organizations surveyed use or plan to use cloud and nearly half have implemented a mobility strategy, Big Data adoption is trailing as approximately 60 percent of organizations surveyed do not know how to gain its insights, according to the report from Dell, which surveyed more than 2,000 global organizations.

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IT decision makers still consider security the biggest barrier for expanding mobility technologies (44 percent), using cloud computing (52 percent) and leveraging Big Data (35 percent), the report said.

While security concerns are holding organizations back from further investing in major technologies, a lack of readily available security information is similarly preventing organizations from being ready in the case of a security breach. Only 30 percent of respondents said they have the right information available to make risk-based decisions, and only one in four organizations surveyed actually has a plan in place for all types of security breaches.

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The security barrier becomes even more serious if the C-suite is not a part of the discussion. Only 28 percent of organizations polled have a C-suite mindset fully engaged with security initiatives. However, in organizations where executive leadership is involved in security, confidence is markedly increased. Among organizations who are very confident in their security, 84 percent of senior leaders end up fully or somewhat engaged, compared to only 43 percent of senior leaders at organizations who are not confident in their security.

Nearly every IT decision-maker surveyed said their company either uses or plans to use cloud solutions. Only three percent of respondents are not planning to leverage cloud solutions. The findings also show a strong correlation between cloud use and company growth.

Of those using cloud, 72 percent of organizations surveyed experienced six percent growth or more in the last three years, with just four percent experiencing zero or negative growth. This is in sharp contrast with companies not using cloud, where just 24 percent have growth rates of 6 percent or more, and 37 percent experienced either zero or negative growth.

Organizations don’t really know what to do with Big Data. While 61 percent of global respondents said they had Big Data they should analyze, only 39 percent understood how to extract value from Big Data and are pursuing it. Further, respondents indicated Big Data is less of a pressing issue than security, cloud and mobility.

Big Data presents a major competitive opportunity. Those organizations that are the most effective in deriving business insights from Big Data are seeing much higher growth rates than those that are not. The average three-year growth rate (14 percent) for those most effective in leveraging Big Data is almost twice as high as that of organizations least effective in using Big Data (eight percent).

While Big Data has proven marketing benefits, infrastructure costs (35 percent) and security (35 percent) tend to be the primary obstacles for implementing Big Data initiatives.

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