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A crude oil leak in a pump station resulted in a release of 4,200 gallons of oil in a Highland, IL, creek Friday.

As soon as workers discovered the leak, officials immediately deployed containment booms to protect Silver Lake, the city’s water source. The Silver Creek spill did not affect the water supply, police said.

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The creek feeds into Silver Lake, which is undergoing safety tests. The spill started at Plains All American Pipeline system’s Pocahontas pump station.

Plains All American Pipeline issued a statement saying, “Plains sincerely regrets that this incident has occurred and apologizes for any inconvenience to area residents and impact to the environment. The company has mobilized a full response, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to minimize the impact of this release. Plains’ objectives remain the safety of response personnel and residents as well as an effective response and remediation effort.”

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Although they stopped the flow of oil, Plains All American is unaware how long the leak continued.

Silver Lake Park remains open. Officials closed the lake to all recreational and sporting activities to protect workers and equipment dealing with the spill.

Plains All American Pipeline said the oil spill occurred from a small-diameter fitting within the pump station.

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