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A possible faulty device resulted in “oxygen displacement” which caused six workers to suffer upper respiratory complications early Tuesday at a technology lab in Tualatin, OR.

Six workers at Lam Research ended up rushed to two area hospitals, where then ended up treated and released.

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Originally, firefighters thought the group had been exposed to sulfur hexafluoride, a relatively non-toxic gas. That gas sees use for Lam Research’s semi-conductor manufacturing.

Two separate HazMat teams went into the “hot zone” to check for leaks and spills. The teams determined that something within the facility, possibly a manufacturing device, was lowering the oxygen level in the lab.

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The source was not a result of a leak, spill or toxic reaction.

Firefighters said it will be up to Lam Research to determine the cause of the oxygen displacement.

There was a large group of people working in the area when the oxygen levels started to drop, officials said.

Firefighters said several people in the group that went to the hospital reported having running noses.

Many of the symptoms the group exhibited were consistent with exposure to sulfur hexafluoride.

Until the source can be found, oxygen masks are being required for anyone who enters the room where the incident occurred.

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